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The 19th-century wooden villa in Lodz, part of the Central Museum of Textile, inaugurated its opening in September 2022 with the "Checkered" exhibition.
The starting point for the exhibition was the checkered workers shawl once worn by women in the factories. Now it has become a source of inspiration for art works and installations by contemporary artists and designers. The invited artists refer to the form and function of the workers’ scarf in a variety of ways.
Pani Jurek's light installation "INTERSECTIONS" is an abstract composition that was created from a scaled-up textile pattern.
The linear structure of the installation matches the drawing of the veranda window bars. As a result, the space is divided into smaller fields, and the view cut by lines turns into an abstract pattern.
The exhibition fits into the villa’s architecture, emphasizing its unique character. The works enter into a relationship with the space, playing with the light and the rooms’ functions.
participants: Iwona Chmielewska, Monika Drożyńska, Pani Jurek, Magdalena Karpińska, Kosmos Project
curator: Magdalena Kreis