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Pani Jurek straddles the border between fine arts, craft and design. Applied art objects are created in an artisanal manner. They are  more the outcome of the designer's imagination than the result of a meticulous business strategy.

The brand was founded in 2010 by Magda Jurek. A painting graduate, Magda rarely designs under a brief. She thinks of her objects as signs, sculptures or installations, treating them as a canvas for building compositions. Utility forms are  as means of expression: colors, stains, textures, shapes that form an abstract composition.

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The non-industrial nature of the objects is determined by both the design and manufacture process.

They withstand seasonal fashion and become an interior element for years to come.


All objects are produced in a small workshop in the same complex as the design studio. Nestled among the apple orchards outside Warsaw, the atelier employs local craftspeople. Bathed in southern light reflected from the leaves of apple trees, The production space achieves the serenity and concentration necessary for artisanal work. The studio also sits beside a family run cider distillery, placing it in a local entrepreneurial terroir.

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We are gladly work with architects and contractors offering T&C and prices for professionals.

We understand the specific requirements of contract projects and will gladly work with you to find the best solutions. We are happy to assist you in every step of your project from the initial consultation to orders and deliveries.

Request a quote for your commercial project – we will do our best to offer you a great deal:


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