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Barva Vases

PaniJurek_Vases_MM_0365_poziom (2).jpg
barva ikonka 2.jpg

Vibrant color spots, wavy lines, contrasts, textures and subtle tonal transitions. In her newest collection of ceramic vases Pani Jurek uses the language of painting. The four flat shapes of matching vases may be arranged into various configurations. This collection is...


Pani Jurek TRN2_fot PION-kopia 2 (1).jpg
TRN lampyy (1).jpg

Calligraphic forms, bold colors, fine materials and craft techniques. The new TRN collection
of Pani Jurek is a homage to the art of Jan Tarasin. A fascination with Jan Tarasin paintings and graphics was a starting point for the creation of the whole collection...

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