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The non-industrial nature of the objects is determined by both the design and manufacture process. Pani Jurek's items are not the result of market calculations or consumer research. They withstand seasonal fashion and become an interior element for years to come.


All objects are produced in a small workshop in the same complex as the design studio. Nestled among the apple orchards outside Warsaw, the atelier employs local craftspeople. Bathed in southern light reflected from the leaves of apple trees, The production space achieves the serenity and concentration necessary for artisanal work. The studio also sits beside a family run cider distillery, placing it in a local entrepreneurial terroir.

The handmade process provides an element of surprise and uniqueness. The artisanal method means that the maker has direct control over the entire process. Behind every manufactured item, from start to finish, there is a specific person, as well as the sum of their experience, talent, manual skills, material knowledge and often … fatigue. To create an object, one uses the full potential of one's movements, senses, and attention. This gives full control over the quality of the products and brings to the craft the essential human touch.

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Since the beginning, the company has consisted of Magda Jurek, founder and designer, and Monika Osinkowska, responsible for clients’  relations. Monika is the one you usually meet in your first contact with the brand.


Pani Jurek's studio uses local resources. Small non-ceramic pieces are subcontracted to small craft workshops. Wooden objects from the TRN collection are made at Square Drop, one of the finest furniture preservation studios in the region, using traditional carpentry techniques.

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