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Maria SC

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Maria S.C. chandeliers are made from laboratory test tubes, set in two or one plywood bands. This unconventional material and geometric shape makes these lamps both classic and innovative. The double glass cylinder recalls Art Deco forms in a unique contemporary way. The use of ready-made objects gives an appearance with a Duchamp idea. The lamp is inspired by the Polish scientist, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

TRN Configuration

Pani Jurek_TRN_Układ_LDF_fot_mat_pras_Mazda Design.png
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"CONFIGURATION” was an exhibition organized as part of the MAZDA DESIGN ICONS series - the first public presentation of TRN collection, awarded with the Mazda Design Award 2020.


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The 19th-century wooden villa in Lodz, part of the Central Museum of Textile, inaugurated its opening in September 2022 with the "Checkered" exhibition. The starting point for the exhibition was the checkered workers shawl once worn by women in the factories. Now it has become a source of inspiration for art works and installations by contemporary artists and designers. 

We are all collages


We are all collages at BWA - Municipal Art Gallery of Bydgoszcz presents what has happened in the last two years with Psikusy project. At the exhibition, you can see effects of numerous workshops, animations, documentations of activities.

Psikusy / Kielce

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Unpointers, unpoodles, untartan unsheperds and all other mongrels from, PSIKUSY book and blocks at the first solo exhibition at Design Institute in Kielce. The exhibition was accompanied by workshops and charity auction for dog shelter in Dyminy.