Tactiles / Battleships and Signs

The board is adapted for two games. First one is based on simplified Battleships game. Pieces, made from different kinds of bristles enable to control the position on the board by the sense of touch while the strong contrast between pieces supports players with a visual impairment. Game gives equal opportunity all players, regardless of the degree of visual disability. It enables to play without caregiver, develops the sense of touch and spatial thinking.

Signs is a logic puzzle game. It consists of multi shaped blocks with different textures. The goal is to match blocks that fit together. The game has many difficulty levels. Blind children learn shapes and improve their coordination. The game supports visual-spatial skills, what is especially important for autistic children.

The toys were inspired by DIY toys, built by the parents of children with impaired vision and consulted with them. They are part of the initiative of the Association based in Warsaw. Toys are available for DIY under CCBY license.

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