Straw Bale pavilion exhibition 

The exhibition "More than Design" in the Straw Bale pavilion on the Katowice market is part of the activities accompanying the Climate Summit (COP 2018)

There are 300,000 items in the average American home. It is three time more than in 50 years ago. We are used to see Americans as the society of exaggerated consumerism. But, as experts predict, Polish home decor market until 2035 is expected to increase also threefold.

We collect giant amounts of things. Our needs are created artificially by manufacturers by offering new, visually attractive items, that give us illusion that we are stylish, vanguard, modern, or depends on your current desire - being a person with classical taste.  How for such phenomena can react the designer, which profession seems to be inseparable involved in production cycle?

Environmental law supports increasingly sustainable development but, whether from the environmental benefits point of view, wasn't better if things will not be produced at all? Can design, in general, be "socially sustainable"? What is the role of the designer in the world of exaggerated consumption?

The range of activities undertaken by designers is very different, and a multiplicity of such proposals shows the complexity of the problem and the lack of an ideal solution. There are many projects appear that use recyclable or natural materials, or encouraging to “reuse reduce recycle” philosophy. Activity of Pani Jurek is an example, for one hand a design with mission, from the other hand, shows how the designer, which is also a manufacturer and the person with critical approach to consumerism, deals in competitive market environment.

Curators: Matylda Sałajewska, Natalia Buczkowska

Photo: Radosław Kaźmierczak

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Pani Jurek is eponymous design studio focused on lighting and furniture design.

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