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Plika 4.jpg


The Plika Light is made from a bunch of coloured fibres mounted in white ceramic elements. The form evokes Rasta dreadlocks but the name suggests an inspiration derived from  Plica Polonica (Polish Plait), an old Polish superstition. As with other Pani Jurek designs, the lighting fixture allows the user to interact with it. A Plika light can be easily braided, knotted and tangled to achieve varying effects. 

Plica Polonica (Polish Plait)  is a Latin term denoting an alleged medical condition referring to hair. It was one of the curiosities of the ancient Europe but especially popular in Poland.  


The problem was hotly debated in hundreds of both academic and popular publications. The superstitions were not debunked until the second half of the 19th century, which, by the way, required a lot of effort.

According to the folk tales, a messy knot tangled up at the ceiling imprisons evil spirits.

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