Living lamps

Bioluminescence is the living organisms’ ability to emit light. It has inspired Pani Jurek to create eco lamps. Together with Stanisław Łoboziak, a biologist designer created lighting fixture that can emit light without the necessity of suppling them with electricity. Instead the bioluminescent diatoms have been used. In nature, they can be observed, when waves full of diatoms hit the shore. Then, the water flares with blue magical light. Diatoms do not emit light during the day, it occurs only during the night and when they are in motion. The energy needed to produce the light is gained during the fotosynthesis. The lamp enriched in the diatoms can emit light even for 6 to 9 months, depending on the pace of the diatom’s growth, and if we want it to work for a longer time we simply have to dilute the cultivation and the whole process can be renewed.

Lamps consist from glass jars and wooden handles which enable user easily put diatoms in motion.  Project of bioluminescent lamps is a form of experiment. Lamps have been shown for the first time in autumn 2015 during the Przemiany Festival in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

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Pani Jurek is eponymous design studio focused on lighting and furniture design.

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