Jellyfish lights

Bioluminescence is the living organisms’ ability to emit light without heat production. Among the glowing species, up to 80% live in water. In times of search for alternative sources of energy and reduce heat emission, the Holy Grail of energy turns out to lie in the oceans. The discovery by researchers of the protein GFP (green fluorescent protein) found in jellyfish (spec. Aeuquorea Victoria) began a real revolution in molecular biology and opened the way for futuristic concept, such as the genetic modification of trees so that can illuminate our cities. So far, green fluorescent protein is used in genetics and medicine where it serves as a marker.

A bioluminescent art installation at Przemiany Festival in Warsaw, was made from thousands of tiny test tubes, that create biomorphic forms. For glow-in-the-dark effect we used green fluorescent protein. The project is a visual experiment, aimed to show the potential of nature.

Installation design: Pani Jurek, scientific advise & support: Stanisław Łoboziak

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