Psikusy - in the praise of diversity

Unpointers, unpoodles, untartan unsheperds and all other mongrels from, PSIKUSY book and blocks at the first solo exhibition at Design Institute in Kielce. The exhibition was accompanied by workshops and charity auction for dog shelter in Dyminy.

... if I am reborn as a dog, then let it be one has no pedigree.

With each legs from a different table and each eye from a different stable, a bread

that's striped as well as spotted, in blinding passion conceived,

under a bush or shrubby tree,

from the sudden hot love of my dad for my mom,

in the grace of God, and not from

some arrangement, best practices and cold calculation.

A dog of free of charge,

guarantee, or attraction.

An unattractive dog, but with low costs to run.

An unpointer, unpoodle, untatran unsheperd.

A joke of genetics, the Mazovian nuthound,

a dirt-colored mongrel, lame-legged sofa-demon.

A whole bunch in one, a collie-head, dachshund-legged concoction

And in this so help me God, even if you're not so much into reincarnation.

Dorota Masłowska, translated Benjamin Paloff

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