Designer mama tablecloth

How is it possible to teach children the history of design and make them sensitive to well designed space? The answer can be found in a new product by Pani Jurek. She selected her favourite items from the history of modern design, embroidered their shapes on the tablecloth and „arranged" the interior under the table. Now, the child has its own private space, arranged with an Eames storage unit, George Nelson clock, Thorsten van Elten antler coat rack and Shuffle Table by Mia Hamburg. There are also Polish icons of design among them: a traditional folk cupboard and a „Fawn" – children's stool designed by Olgierd Szlekys and Wladyslaw Wincze.

Multifunctional and whimsical is a part of Pani Jurek brand's character. The tablecloth is designed for adults as well as for children. It's purposed in family events, to give children a private area and to let them create the space. The tablecloth is embroidered inside out and the children can see the shapes of the furniture when the adults can experience effects of handicraft. It is really am aesthetic pleasure: the fabric is high quality cotton and embroidery, although both inside and out are designed, to think of represent the correct side also: the knots are exactly cut to mini rosettes.

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Pani Jurek is eponymous design studio focused on lighting and furniture design.

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