Blind fields

"What do I feel with my cheek, with my knee or with my hand? What does the cup look like, see with my knee? I am trying to figure that out. I am remembering it, using my knee, rub the smooth, cold surface, feel the protuberance, and the hole. it is sharp on the edge. Then, using me memory and the eyes, I try to shape it. I am looking at this and I do not recognize it." - Pani Jurek

The installation in the shape of a black square resembles a kitchen cabinet. Ceramic objects are inspired by descriptions what blind people have before their eyes. The starting point was Monika's sentence, who lost her sight at the age of 2: What I have in front of my eyes can be compared what you feel in your hand, on your knee, on your cheek".

The second part of the work was created by exhibition visitors, drawing an object hidden from their eyes, using only on the sense of touch.

The work was part of the exhibition "Fields of Blinds"


Exhibition was organized by the Association “with seat in Warsaw”.  I was of 8 visual artists, showing artworks inspired by the world perceived by the blind.

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