Ciufcia / 2013
The Ciufcia (Locomotive) is a huge toy in a form of tactile wallpaper. It was designed for the blind children kindergarten in The Educational Centre in Laski, Poland.  Made from plywood, a locomitove drags the wagons with different tasks and puzzles. The most important function plays here sound. The rolling wooden ball prompts the direction of the drive to the carriages. A musician carriage is equipped with various instruments - drum, glockenspiel, shakers and a real, tuning guitar. For finishing, materials with different temperature and structure were used, to stimulate other senses. Besides logic riddles, haptic and sound experiences, the carriages give the possibility for integrated play, what is particularly difficult among blind children. Intensive colours appear on a mobile screens, what is useful for chidren with reduced sight. 
Ciufcia was created with cooperation with Edyta Ołdak (Association "Based in Warsaw"") & Jan Damięcki (Jems Architekci)
Special thanks to
Piotr Zakrzewski ( "Zakrzewski Basses")
CPC Centrum Precyzyjnego Cięcia
and others