Praga's Blindman's Buff

The workshop organised in public space for children aged from 8-13 years old, to make them more sensitive for contemporary art. After hearing the history about some buildings in Praga, the children were expected to find out the idea to revive the history. However we did not want to make a simple restoration of the monuments but find out an idea of showing the objects with an artistic installation.

From the many brilliant childrens' ideas, two were choosen and realised:

Big clock on the wall of ruined factory on Krowia Street had measured time left for the building to be blown up.

Owls in the form of balloons were attached on the building knowns as "House under Owls". They replaced the original stone decoration which was in poor conditions and was removed for reason of safety.


Pani Jurek - Praga's Blindman's Buff - 1
Pani Jurek - Praga's Blindman's Buff - 2