Nobody's home

Nikto ne je doma / Nobody's home was Pani Jurek's first solo exhibition. It was shown during Designblok in Prague. The main theme of this year's Designblok edition was childhood. The title of our presentation refered to the popular Czechoslovakian TV series. The phenomenon of children being left home alone until their parents return home, became a common experience during the 70s and 80s. Empty house and the one with parents were two completely different worlds. The first one was scary and fearsome but also obscure and curious. Silence sharpens all senses. Home devices transform into anything else. When nobody’s home, the mysterious game with home tools is playing. All devices can turn into a toy. It is Pani Jurek’s childhood memory, where there are no computers and where you need to care for yourselves after the school day. The title is also a metaphor for the inner world, which is born out of the boredom and loneliness and to defend of them, this world of children imagination is flourishing.

Exhibition concept and design: Pani Jurek & Piotr Musiałowski