Designing in the Dark

Together with Edyta Oldak, Pani Jurek had a pleasure to conduct workshops for students during mini OSSA at Architecture Faculty, Cracow University of Technology. The aim of the workshops was to bring up the concept of universal design. The program included lectures of leading architects and universal design specialists, practical classes with disable people as well as walking tours in Old Town with black bandage, white canes and wheelchairs. All to let students understand how people with disability perceive and then design for them.


And here is hardly a few effects of work the whole group.

Fallen Tower

The aim of this action was to sensitize involved people to differences and limitations in perception of the city and space among those with or without the sense of sight. Within steps, the group was trying to measure the circuit of the facade. The blind persons could also experience the scale of the tower. The drawing was marked with a rubber band so the relief was palpable for the feet and sticks.

(Un)visible Church or drying Saint Madgalene

The performance with hair dryers was the part of launching the project with the nonexistent medieval church, whose stroke of the foundations is still visible on the ground. The project includes installations in the floor, air streams that follow historical walls. It would gave the sense of space for disable people as for those who can see as well.