Urban Safari

"Urban Safari ", Warsaw wildlife atlas is a book that accompanies activities of the Urban Safari, project organised by the Association "Based in Warsaw" Illustrations: Pani Jurek, Edith Ołdak, Paulina Pankiewicz.

Read more at http://www.safari.wwarszawie.org.pl/ 

Exchange 2012

The catalogue and visual identity for the EXCHANGE 2012 exhibition. Design by Pani Jurek & Edyta Ołdak.

"A chirping beetle in the rice" - Polish-Vietnamese tongue twister children's book

"A chirping beetle in the rice" is another item in the long term project of designing integrated children books, initiated by association "Based in Warsaw". This richly illustrated book contains traditional Vietnamese & new written Polish tongue twisters edited by Ngo Van Tuong and written by Urszula Butkiewicz. Vietnamese community is currently the largest minority living in Warsaw. Vietnamese children attend to many Polish schools. The aim of this book is to learn from each other and develop respect and curiosity. It develops memory as well. The project came with language workshops. The book is available free in the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, partner of the project.

Illustrated by Pani Jurek, Edyta Oldak, Paulina Pankiewicz

More information: www.ryz.wwarszawie.org.pl

"Grand Architecture and colours of impaired vision"

The book was the final part of the project, realised by the association „Based in Warsaw" whose aim was to introduce blind children into the world of contemporary architecture as well as to help sighted children to feel the perspective of those with impaired vision. Besides simulation of „the field of unseen" (how the blind person sees) the book contains tactile graphics (reliefs) with architecture icons of contemporary Warsaw. The book includes a CD with audio description, which vividly adapts to the possibilities of blind children. The project included workshops, organised in architectural studios, where children worked with mockups of presented buildings.

Illustrated & designed: Pani Jurek, Edyta Oldak, Paulina Pankiewicz