Pani Jurek - 10.01.2019- 17.02.2019
10.01.2019- 17.02.2019

BWA Municipal Gallery in Bydgoszcz hosts Psikusy exhibition until 17th February.

Pani Jurek - 15.01.2019

Psikusy book chosen "Best of Best" on Little Hakka picture book competition in China.

Pani Jurek - 09.11.2018-03.02.2019

9th November, it is an opening of the exhibition 'Spectrum of light. Design and photons' at the Main Gallery of the Design Institute in Kielce.

Pani Jurek - 13.10.2018

Workshops for children based on Psikusy blocks. 

Pani Jurek - 06.09-26.09.2018

Exhibition "More than design" in Straw Bale pavilion in Katowice is a part of The UN climate summit.

Pani Jurek - 06.07.2018

During the Gdynia Design Days (06-15.07.2018), we would like to invite you to the exhibition "Imperfection of Things" as well as to the PSIKUSY workshops "Ni pies ni wydra - collage art for the less advanced".

Pani Jurek - 07.05.2018

This year Poland is the guest of honour of 28th International Book Fair in Abu Dhabi (UAE) , one of the largest events of its kind in the Middle East. The program includes workshops with PSIKUSY book.

Pani Jurek - 24.04-31.08.2018

Institute of Design hosts the first solo exhibition of PSIKUSY book.

Pani Jurek - 06.04-19.08.2018

  "The other side of things. Polish design after 1989" National Museum in Cracow. Feel invited!

Pani Jurek - 04.04.2018

We are happy to announce that PSIKUSY book and blocks are awarded MUST HAVE

Pani Jurek - 22.09.2017

Our Projects KOLO and Psikusy are part of the exhibition in London Design Fair

Pani Jurek - 1-17.09.2017

The first exhibition of the "Psikusy - mongrels of the world" at Kropka i Kreska Festiwal of Polish Book for Children in Łódź.

Pani Jurek - 22.08.2017

こんにちわ, Konnichiwa, 22-25.08.2017 visit as at Playtime Tokyo at booth A09 - surface 4 M2, #culturePL#polskadesign2017 #letsexhibit2017 Powered by Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Pani Jurek - 11.03.2017

PSIKUSY - in the praise of diversity and mongrelism. Book premiere and workshops at Sztuczna Foundation in Warsaw.

Pani Jurek - 08.03.2017

PSIKUSY - In the praise of diversity and mongrelism. Remix Your Dog. Cut-out card book

Pani Jurek - 02.02.2017

BOARDS - wall clock shields inspired by Hucul craft, made together with Taras Mulyak in the second edition of "Release the Project"

Pani Jurek - 24-29.08.2016

 Hucul workshops in Ukrainian Carpathians - second edition of "Relese the Project", organised by "Z Siedzibą w Warszawie"


Pani Jurek - 1-4.09.2016

A bioluminescent art installation at Festiwal Przemiany was made from thousands of tiny test tubes, that create biomorphic forms. For glow-in-the-dark effect we used green fluorescent protein, discovered by scientists in Aeuquorea Victoria medusas.



Pani Jurek - 03.06.2016

In the first week of June, our products were shown at the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo. The presentation was made possible thanks to the support of,

Pani Jurek - 11.12-29.12.2015

FORMA is the city festival in Warsaw dedicated to Wojciech Zamecznik, an architect, graphic and display designer of 60s. Exhibitions on railways stations in Warsaw, window displays, workshops and the book - young contemporary Polish designers are creating works, inspired by the master.

Pani Jurek - 07.10.2015

TACTILES, HORIZON CIRCLE, TEXTURE MEMORY, HUSSARS - four universal toys for autistic children and those with visual impairments. All designed as a part of initiative "Pudlo w grochy..." run by "Based in Warsaw" .

Pani Jurek - 03.10.2015

Institute of Design Kielce presents Kreacja i Proces. Exhibition curated by


Pani Jurek - 25.09.2015

Exhibition Polish Design Stories presenting Polish furniture and lighting, nonquestionable icons and icons-to-be will be opened tomorrow as a part of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, and then at Lodz Design. You will find there also our KOLO Magnet Lamp

Pani Jurek - 13.09.2015

Livings lamps - alternative source of light.

Pani Jurek - 03-06. 09.2015
03-06. 09.2015

Bioluminescence at Przemiany Festival in Warsaw. Together with Staszek Łoboziak from Biology Lab of Copernicus Science Center, we will show you lamps that shine without electric energy.

Pani Jurek - 01.06.2015

Wood waste toys made with my daughter Wanda.


  "Do It Your Way" exhibition of Polish design during ISaloni, Milan. 

Pani Jurek - 15.03.2015

We have opened a new studio in Ignaców. Here a majority of our products is manufactured.

Pani Jurek - 21.01.2015

Kilo - porcelain light

Pani Jurek - 27.11.2014

"Black Maria S.C" is already available at our new online shop.

Pani Jurek - 07-28.11.2014
Feel invited to Designgalleriet in Stockholm for autumn exhibition "Forest and Meadow".
Pani Jurek - 31.10 - 30.11. 2014
31.10 - 30.11. 2014
"Let's play! Kids Design from Poland" - The Izmir exhibition will be an opportunity for the Turkish audience to experience what is regarded to be the most interesting examples of Polish design. Among nice and wise toys of Polish designers, you can find also our Designer Mama tablecloth.

"The Polish Design: in the Middle of" - exhibition is to present the works of over thirty Polish designers. It will be the first such extensive presentation of contemporary Polish design in the Netherlands.

Pani Jurek - 11.10.2014

KOLO lamps awarded by Lodz Design with MUST HAVE Award! 

Pani Jurek - 05-12.10.2014

"Nikto ne je doma / Nobody's home" - individual exhibition during Designblok in Praque. The main theme of this year's Designblok is childhood. The title of our presentation refers to the popular Czechoslovakian TV series. The phenomenon of children being left home alone until their parents return home, became a common experience during the 70s and 80s. When nobody’s home, the mysterious game with home tools is playing. All devices can turn into a toy. The title is also a metaphor for the inner world, which is born out of the boredom and loneliness and to defend of them, this world of children imagination is flourishing. Exhibition concept and design: Pani Jurek & Piotr MusiałowskiPowered by & Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Pani Jurek - 26.08.2014

Zyyydel - DIY chair, designed by Pani Jurek as a part of initiative "Release the project"

Pani Jurek - 16.07.2014

 Upcoming exhibitions of Polish design, where you can find Pani Jurek objects.


KOLO Sand & KOLO Magnet

Pani Jurek - 08.03.2014


Pani Jurek - 08.03.2014

KOLO Magnet

Pani Jurek - 25.11.2013

Urban Safari

Pani Jurek - 15.09.2013

Hook Line and Loop Line in September Wallpaper*magazine.

Pani Jurek - 28-30.08.2013

Forest and Maedow - Polish design exhibition, Design Trade 28-30 August, Copenhagen

Pani Jurek - 20.08.2013

Just Kidding - A to Z Designs for Kids and Kidults.

Pani Jurek - 05.07.2013

"Materia Prima" Munkeruphus/Denmark. Curator of the exhibition, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka invites you on the journey to the visual roots of design

Pani Jurek - 24.06.2013

Sofia Design Week. We also take a part

Pani Jurek - 21.05.2013

Plika - light inspired by and named after Old Polish curiosities.

Pani Jurek - 10.03-21.04.2013

Enjoy the new exhibition in Zamek Cieszyn "Woman design 2013. Home inventions in the hands of women".

Pani Jurek - 30.10.2012

Hook Line  - new colours

Pani Jurek - 10.10.2012

Loop Line - just lop the loop

Pani Jurek - 18-28.10.2012

We would like to invite you at Łódź Design Fesival. Pani Jurek design will be presented at Must Have exhibiton as well as at Design for Children. Pani Jurek activities as a part of Gang Design group will be shown at EXCHANGE 2012.


Pani Jurek - 20.09.2012

"Sanatorium" is one of the latter conceptual projects, Pani Jurek creates together with Edyta Oldak and Paulina Pankiewicz during our workshops in Georgia. The old armchair caught our attention. It has belonged to the woman who took it form her hometown – Batumi. It was one of her favourite items. This removal did not make the chair well. The change from the moisty air of Batumi to the dry and hot weather of Tibilisi caused many damages. One day it lost their function completely and stayed as a decoration. “Sanatorium” is the type of humidifier for the chair. The paper case for the paper cups let humidify this item. We would like to underline the emotional relations and tenderness the owner dedicates to the subject of her memories, which is more important that the real effect.

„Reflections“ is the pendant made from the car mirrors, that reflect the light. Our aims was to shift the attention from the item to its ability to space creation.

Portraits of designed things taken by Pawel Heppner in the apartments of people, for whose they were designed are presented in Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw until 07.10.2012

Pani Jurek - 21.09.2012

The catalogue and visual identity for the EXCHANGE 2012 exhibition. Design by Pani Jurek & Edyta Ołdak.

Pani Jurek - 20.09-07.10.2012

Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw. The exhibition presents effects of Polish-Georgian EXCHANGE 2012 project. Among design groups there is also GANG DESIGN (Pani Jurek, Edyta Oldak and as a guest Paulina Pankiewicz). The exhibition is organised by “Based in Warsaw” Association. 

Pani Jurek - 21.08.2012

Designer Mama tablecloth was awarded in MUST HAVE competition, organised by LODZ DESIGN WEEK. More information

Pani Jurek - 04.05.2012

A hand embroidered house - tablecloth. A new release in Designer Mama concept. 

Pani Jurek - 04.03.2012

 In January, together with Edyta Oldak, Pani Jurek took part in workshops that are to end with awarded project of a remodeling interior for INSPIRO Community Centre in Podłęż. Multilevel competition promoted the idea of social participation. Here, you can find the results if that competition.

Pani Jurek - 09.02.2012

We glad that Maria S.C illuminates the Web. 

Pani Jurek - 24.01-31.03.2012

"Enlight the Crisis!" – lighting design in Poland. A group exhibition we also take a part.

Pani Jurek - 19.12.2011

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